How To: Black Friday (2017 Edition)

Posted on November 17, 2017 by Adii Pienaar | 0 Comments

How to Black Friday


In preparation for the most talked about sale season we’ve added 5 new tips to “How to Black Friday”. Missed last year’s tips? See them here

  1. Try before you buy. Whether shopping online or in-store it’s always best to know your size in a particular brand. Head to the stores ahead of time to give things a test – you don’t want to be wasting time in fitting room line-ups for hours on the big weekend!
  1. Rain Check! It may seem like an outdated feature but a lot of stores still honour the rain check system. For those of you that don’t know:
    • rain check
    • noun
    • a coupon issued to a customer by a store, guaranteeing that a sale item that is out of stock may be purchased by that customer at a later date at the same reduced price.
    It's always worth checking!
  1. Bloggers. Check in with your favourite bloggers to see if they have any exclusive offers or discount codes for followers, before or during Black Friday. Being in the know is always helpful this time of year.
  1. Honey Honey. Heard of Honey? It’s a browser extension that searches the web when you’re about to make a purchase, and then applies any discount codes or coupons that are out there directly to your shopping cart! There are other sites like this out there, but this is our favourite all year round.
  1. There’s no crying in BFCM. Didn’t get what you wanted? Some things just aren’t meant to be. Money can’t buy happiness – remember how fortunate you are! And, Boxing Day is just around the corner.

As Always. Go forth. Get deals.


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