Our Favourite Spring Looks ... in Green!

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Whether you’re dressing in emerald to celebrate all things Irish or just trying not to get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day, wearing green is on theme for the month of March. Here’s how to tastefully incorporate a little bit of green into any outfit. (Bonus: It’s also a great way to welcome Spring.) 

KONA (Pear Metallic)

Going out for St. Patty’s Day? A stacked heel and sassy backstrap makes KONA perfect for dressing up. With a heel sturdy enough to do a jig. Choose from either Pear Metallic or Olive.

CAREY (Olive)

The beautiful studding and perforated leather detailing make it the perfect accessory for skinny jeans and a casual tee. Love the studded look for spring? Check out our last blog post.


Combining the best parts of a Spring bootie and sandal. A swooping leather sheath and straps galore — CASSIDY gives any flowy, floral look a bit of an edgier vibe.

TAMSYN (Olive)

Comfy and casual, TAMSYN is the perfect counterpart to walking the farmer’s market or strolling through the park. An inside zipper makes hopping in and out of them a breeze on busy days.



Folded leather top, perforated detailing, and a zigzagging buckled strap give CHATHAM a whole lot of flare. Class up a wrap dress with these cute and breezy heels. 


Need some serious style help? Check out our past bog posts!


Trend Alert: 4 Studded Styles for Spring

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In a sea of sundresses, we’re all looking for ways to stand out in the warm weather seasons. The key to a unique look is in the details and this season we’re starstruck over studs. Here’s how to get the most out of this edgy adornment without letting it overpower your look: 

1. Keep It Casual

Featuring: CAREY (Tomato)

There’s a lot of texture on a sassy sandal like Carey: studs, perforated patterns, and a stacked heel. That means that the rest of your outfit can be simple. Distressed jeans, a neutral top, and a red silk scarf to tie everything together.

2. Easy, Breezy Style

Featuring: CAITLIN (Black)

Studded styles like Caitlin, a sleek open-toed shootie, are the perfect partner for a flowy, floral skirt and wide-brimmed sun hat. Perfect for warm weather dates on the patio.

3. Boho Beauty

Featuring: TESSA (Rust)

With weaving straps and playful cutouts, Tessa embodies the spirit of summer. The studded diamond-shaped upper screams bohemian-chic so wear it with your favourite leaf or floral headband. Let your accessories do the talking and pair it with simple jean shorts and a casual tank.

4. Make a Statement

Featuring: SATURN (Black)

Already have a studded statement piece? Wear it with a strong black heel like Saturn for a striking evening look. With a chunky 3.25” heel and a wrinkled leather outer, Saturn holds her own in any ensemble.

Studs aren’t just for rock shows anymore. Follow our tips to tame this edgy vibe for any occasion. Check out the new Miz Mooz Spring 2018 styles for more outfit ideas.


New Year’s Eve Survival Guide

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New Years Eve Survival Guide

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. It’s a time to gather with friends to celebrate old memories and new beginnings. A lot has happened this past year and you may be ready for a fresh start. Here are 5 tips to make sure you ring in the New Year with a bang.

5. Hostess with the Mostest

If you’re hosting this year, put a twist on favourite celebratory staples. Spice up the traditional Champagne toast by adding a scoop of sorbet and fresh fruit to each glass. Combine Champagne, Sparkling Wine, or Prosecco with raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries for a beverage that looks as great as it tastes. Follow this recipe here. Your guests will appreciate sipping on something special and it’ll look great in selfies, too.

4. Foot Care

Wear shoes that are practical, sturdy, and fashionable – yes, they exist! Whether you’re at a work party, out at the club, or running for a cab, you’ll want your footwear to last the night. We recommend a shootie like DALE, with its sturdy heel, enough coverage to fend off the winter chills, and beautiful, intricate detailing in the straps and buckles. Grab it in black to pair well with tights and a dress or your best pair of skinny jeans.

3. Say Cheese!

Buy a modern instant camera (at a craft supply store or on Amazon) and some funky film options. Encourage your guests to snap some shots together and sign them with colourful markers and stickers. Provide a photo album for guests to add to in lieu of a traditional Guest Book. This DIY version of the photo booth will be fun for guests and you’ll end the night with a book full of great memories!

2. Blast from the Past

If you have control of the tunes for the night, feature playlists with the top hits from the last few decades. Start with the oldest songs and slowly work up to the best of the past year. This way, no one is jostling for the AUX cord and there will inevitably be something for everyone. Party guests can bond over music nostalgia: dancing to disco, grooving to glam rock, and bopping along to their favourite boybands.

1. Plan Ahead

Phone lines for cabs will be bogged down and even Uber may have a holiday surcharge, so you’ll need to know your plan before you head out for the evening. If you want to use a cab or ride sharing service, call an hour or more before you’re ready to go. Or: consider choosing a designated driver, asking a family member, or even hiring a private car company (split the cost with a group)! No matter what you do, plan early—and get home safe.

New Year’s Eve can be a ton of fun – or a ton of chaos. Make sure your night is planned out so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the countdown. May your New Year’s Eve be full of celebration and cheer!

How To: Black Friday (2017 Edition)

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How to Black Friday


In preparation for the most talked about sale season we’ve added 5 new tips to “How to Black Friday”. Missed last year’s tips? See them here

  1. Try before you buy. Whether shopping online or in-store it’s always best to know your size in a particular brand. Head to the stores ahead of time to give things a test – you don’t want to be wasting time in fitting room line-ups for hours on the big weekend!
  1. Rain Check! It may seem like an outdated feature but a lot of stores still honour the rain check system. For those of you that don’t know:
    • rain check
    • noun
    • a coupon issued to a customer by a store, guaranteeing that a sale item that is out of stock may be purchased by that customer at a later date at the same reduced price.
    It's always worth checking!
  1. Bloggers. Check in with your favourite bloggers to see if they have any exclusive offers or discount codes for followers, before or during Black Friday. Being in the know is always helpful this time of year.
  1. Honey Honey. Heard of Honey? It’s a browser extension that searches the web when you’re about to make a purchase, and then applies any discount codes or coupons that are out there directly to your shopping cart! There are other sites like this out there, but this is our favourite all year round.
  1. There’s no crying in BFCM. Didn’t get what you wanted? Some things just aren’t meant to be. Money can’t buy happiness – remember how fortunate you are! And, Boxing Day is just around the corner.

As Always. Go forth. Get deals.

Trick or Treat: 4 Last Minute Costume Ideas

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Finding the perfect costume can be the most terrifying thing about Halloween.  But who’s says Halloween costumes need to be all about cat ears and witch’s brooms?  Step up your Halloween game (and footwear game) with these quick and easy Miz Mooz approved looks. 


Biker Chic:


Going biker chic has never been so easy! What’s easier than throwing on some edgy black separates, letting your hair down and adding some sassy red accessories to turn up the heat? Also, don’t be afraid to mix textures and metals!


Greek Goddess:


Fashionistas will never tire of channeling their inner goddesses and neither should you. Grab your favorite white dress (or a sheet) and some statement gold accessories keeping things unique to your style. The most important part of this costume is your signature gold headpiece. 


Geek Chic:


This cute and quirky look has not only been a major Halloween staple but also a long-standing fashion trend. Style your geek chic approved look with a pair of cropped jeans, a white button-down shirt, your favorite thick rimmed glasses (real or fake), suspenders, bowtie and finally, oxfords to complete the look.  Bring your inner geek out for the night and embrace it!


Halloween Spirit:


If you were too busy getting your kids (or pets) ready for the big night, finding a last minute costume can be tricky. Have no fear! We have the perfect solution. Put together a few black and orange pieces from your closet and let your kids (or pets) do all the work

Sandal Must Haves

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Happy New Year!

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New year, new you, new shoes. Or new year, old you, new shoes. Whatever the case, NEW SHOES! This month we’ll be featuring the newbies for 2017! Let’s leave 2016 in the dust and start with a clean slate. Each and every day, at this time of year, we get 2 more minutes of daylight so clearly it's time to start thinking about Spring! Thinking about warmer days and brighter times can only help us to get through the winter blahs.

Sandals, Shooties and Booties are the name of the game this season. Here’s your sneak peek of a few new styles to get you in the mood for Spring!


This style is so great we asked for seconds! Back for a second season the Cassidy sandal is part bootie, part sandal and all hot stuff. Straps, buckles and perforated leather are the highlights and a mold-able wire cuff lets you make this style your own.

Available in Black, Currant, Mauve and Stone

Soft narrow panels of leather that hug the foot and an adjustable sling-back make Kenmare a great simple wedge.

Available in Black, Mauve and Sage

Tamsyn is this year's favourite flat sandal. Soft leather two-toned straps and a super comfortable flatform sole will make these your everyday sandals.

Available in Black, Sage and Stone

The summer bootie. Pairing these with your girliest dress will give you that edgy look you've always wanted. These buttery leathers and soft hues go best with floral prints or denim!

Available in Stone and Whiskey

New Spring styles are coming every day – keep an eye out!
Looking for a certain style? Comment below and we’ll help you find it :-)