Festival Ready: Shop Our Favorite Boho Styles

May 18, 2018

Festival Ready: Shop Our Favorite Boho Styles

It’s festival season! Boho festival junkies sporting floral garb and beaded jewelry will soon crowd the best parks, beaches, and venues. Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to be one of these sun-kissed goddesses in flowing fabrics. If not, you can still borrow their best style tips. Here’s how:

#1. All About the Accessories

Shoes, beads, bangles, hats, backpacks, headbands. Boho style is truly accessory-oriented. A few great pieces will pull together any outfit, like a wide brimmed summer hat, a cute leather backpack, and a cute espadrille like CELESTINE

#2. Pull in Patterns

Mix and match your patterns and textures to get the “effortlessly gorgeous” boho vibe: Rope or scarf belt, a colourful top, and sandals like FIZZY with their ruched leather look and edgy silver detailing.

#3. Layering is Lovely

Cardigans, baggy sweaters, shawls and scarves—nothing says “boho” like lots of layers. The “busy” layering is what makes boho so much fun and its super dynamic for any occasion, at any time of day or night. We love the TESSA sandal for layered looks because it incorporates two tones of leather as well as intricate studding on the upper.

#4: Go with the Flow

Long, loose skirts, shirts, dresses and wraps are the definition of bohemian—and perfect for summer time. Whether you’re jiving in a dusty festival crowd or sharing a bottle of wine in the park, a long skirt and simple top is the perfect outfit companion. The CAITLIN shootie has a totally boho air with its studded upper, giving it an edgy yet breezy look.

Nothing says “love summer” quite like bohemian style. And if you need more warm weather styling tips, try our styles in green or rocking some pastels.

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Size Chart

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