Wedding Wear: The Perfect Shoe for Every Ceremony

June 04, 2018

Wedding Wear: The Perfect Shoe for Every Ceremony

Wedding season is here! And for every bride there is the perfect ceremony—and shoes!—to match her tastes, personality, and style. Here are just a few trends we’re loving right now:


For those who love: Hippie, boho, DIY, vintage

Perfect shoe: Sabrina (cream)

Rustic weddings might take place in a barn or country church. They feature earthy, outdoorsy items like hay bales, wild flowers, glass jars, tin ornaments, and distressed wood. Footwear should be open and strappy to go with the bohemian vibe. With its soft, cream-coloured leather, Sabrina looks like it belongs on a country-inspired dance floor. 


For those who love: Geometric, juxtaposition, metal décor, contemporary

Perfect shoe: Martha (sky)

This uber vogue trend has brides and grooms renting out warehouses or old buildings with exposed brick. Anything to bring out the “weathered chic” nature of this aesthetic. Modern metalwork, geometric shapes, and minimalism steal the scene in industrial themed weddings. The Martha heel looks right at home here with its faux-weathered colouring.


For those who love: Classical, formal, ceremony

Perfect shoe: Angelina (gold)

Huge white dress, classic church venue, ballrooms or event halls—these are the tried and true components of a classical wedding. If you want a three course sit down meal, traditional floral arrangements, and all the stereotypical wedding beats, then this is the style for you. Angelina in gold is the perfect hue for any regal blushing bride.


For those who love: Travel, intimacy, outdoors, adventure

Perfect shoe: Janna (coral)


Picture this: An overseas getaway with just your family members and closest friends; a tropical resort with all the fixings; a ceremony in the ocean sand. Destination weddings are exciting, memorable, and great for the adventure-seeking couple who loves to shake things up. Janna is the perfect coral shoe to match to this beachy vibe. 

These shoe recommendations are perfect for brides, bridesmaids and guests alike. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for outfit tips and trend alerts this summer season.

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